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Learn how we've changed the shuttle service industry for the better.

For decades, the shuttlebus and courier van industries were operated solely by men.

As a result, the vans were functional and efficient, but the experience inside the van was mundane. Passengers left the vehicles feeling bored, cranky and behind the curve. However, Van Go’s owners have changed all that.

My husband and I plan every detail of your travel experience by balancing the traveling priorities of men and women. Our ‘high tech-high touch’ travel system gets you to the airport and back in a leisurely-but-productive fashion.

You may be goal-oriented, but why not enjoy the journey as well? Van Go illustrates that idea. Call Van Go when you want a ‘whole-brain’ travel experience that could only be designed by men and women working together. That’s how ‘getting there’ becomes an art.

Van Go transcends the limitations that have been imposed on business travelers.

Traveling With Them Traveling With Us
nervous confident, comfortable
blah, dull beautiful, exciting
smelly, bouncy fresh, smooth
waste of time productive
spartan plush
endure the ride enjoy the journey

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