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Research Showcases Your Delivery Priorities

October 16, 2018

Why use a same day courier service like Van Go? Because 74% of buyers will “purchase again” after receiving same-day delivery on an item. So it’a a good investment in extending the “lifetime value” of the business relationship.

But just delivering a package on-time isn’t enough.

The driver’s overall look and style matters greatly. Fortunately, this is one of Van Go’s special strengths. Specifically, 75% of us agree that the professionalism of the delivery person is “important.” It’s the last step of the relationship-building experience so it has a lot to do with how your customer remembers your company. Our drivers give you a competitive advantage in this way.

Finally, 88% of us want to know our package’s exact location. It’s reassuring whether you’re the sender or the receiver. Van Go’s technology and logistical systems provide this service reliably.

Learn more about Van Go’s Courier Delivery service.

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