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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a trip to the airport with Van Go?

Call our office at 402-476-8132 or use our convenient online reservation system.

What if your driver appears to be late to pick me up?

If there are some unforeseen circumstances and our driver is going to be late, he or she will call you with an estimated time of arrival.

Do I pay the driver first or wait until I get to the airport?

All of our reservations are paid in advance.

Does your driver typically know what flight I’m on or just the general airline?

When booking your reservation, plan to give us your airline and flight number so we can track your flight. In the event the flight is early or late, we will plan our arrival accordingly.

If I get off my plane in Omaha and need a ride back to Lincoln, will you be available?

Yes! Plan to book a reservation in advance so we have room in the van for you.

What unique features do Van Go shuttle vans have?

Distinctive markings, exceptional driver, snacks, wifi, networking opportunities and other amazing passengers. Did we mention snacks?!

Can I use my laptop to work on the web in your vans?

Yes! We have easily identifiable wifi and 110 outlets so you are charged and ready to go!

What if I have a complaint about another passenger? What is appropriate?

It depends on the nature of the complaint. Our drivers deal with complaints with a smile on their face and a truly helpful attitude.

What if the plane I’m flying on doesn’t land on time for some reason?

Our drivers track your flight and we plan our arrival time accordingly. There will be unfortunate circumstance where you might have to wait if your plane is delayed too long. These are few and far between moments!

How much time would it take to get my package to Omaha from Lincoln?

At least an hour and it depends on how many passengers we are transporting and the number of packages we are delivering.

Can I hail a Van Go van at an airport or do I have to call first?

You need to make a reservation, but you can certainly call us from the airport!

What happens if my phone dies and I need to charge it?

You’re in luck! We have phone charges for most phones on board and plenty of outlets to get you charged up and back online!

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