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Airport Drop Off/Pick Up

It’s not a shuttle van. It’s an energy boost!

Business travel is like jumping through hoops on a poorly lubricated treadmill. Endless lines, rush to the gate, passengers shuffled and bumped. You’re a number and a cog in a too-narrow seat next to an overbearing cell phone. But nothing bothers you now because you got there on Van Go and you’ll return on Van Go. When you look back on this trip, the beginning and the end are all that you will remember. Kind of like a motivational speech. Kind of.


Lose the frown, get out of town.

Grab your floaty, suntan lotion and dancing shoes. The Van Go team is taking you on a much-deserved vacation. The trip to the airport is all-important. Use the fast and easy wifi to remind your neighbor that the dog food is in the fridge. Unadulterated fun is right around the corner. You feel bold and creative. Your Van Go driver hums a tune once sung by Bobby McFerrin: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Courier Delivery

Learn more on our Courier Delivery page.

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